mihailHey, guys, welcome to my blog!

My name is Mihail Stefanov and I stand behind The PR Sapiens Blog (more about it – in the Manifesto).

Here’s a bit more info about me, so that we are not strangers anymore:


At present I serve as an Account Director with Ogilvy Public Relations, Sofia. My previous experience included work on various PR and online marketing projects with ComOn, ActionGlobal, and HocheggerCom for some of the largest companies on Bulgarian market. And it all started when the Editor-in-Chief of Pari Business Daily invited me to work for the newspaper as an IT editor.

Communication in all of its aspects has been a great passion of mine in the last few years – I graduated Sofia University Journalism and Mass Communication Department, and I’m at present trying (not really hard to my shame) to graduate Masters in Rhetorics and Public Speech, again at Sofia University.


For six months now I’ve been married for the most beautiful girl in Bulgaria – Iva. People still keep asking how did I manage to fool her marry me? „Good PR“ is the right answer, I suppose. And lots of love.

At presently I serve at the Crossroads church in Sofia, where along with a bunch of crazy young people we try to make a difference in the lives of Sofia teens addicted to drugs and alcohol.

I love music – I’m an active part of Ajabez, one of Bulgaria’s most popular young bands, where I serve as a lead vocal and song writer.

I played volleyball on a semi-pro level for 12 years. However, I got old (and a bit fat 🙂 ) and all I give to volleyball now is my Friday evenings.

I enjoy life and am inspired by small things, love good books and nice food.


Feel free to contact me anytime and for whatever ocasion.


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