Collaborative Effort: Bulgarian Brands on Facebook!

Hey, guys, 

I started a list of some of the Bulgarian brands on Facebook. These are either local brands (sold only on Bulgarian market), or international brands, but with local Facebook presence (in Bulgarian/created by Bulgarians). 

I’ll keep updating it constantly since I believe even more brands will understand the benefits of being in Facebook and having an active dialogue with the customers.

I’d love it if you contribute to this effort by sending me the links of brands’ activities I’ve missed. In some time thanks to our collaborative effort I hope we’ll have a BG brands Facebook map, which will give us a clear picture of what’s going on with BG brands in world’s largest social network. 

Please, bear in mind:

  1. By being in Facebook“ I don’t mean banner ads, but a brand product page, group, cause – anything that allows conversation with people. Your comments on how successful this dialogue is are welcomed as well.
  2. „Brands“ do not include people and companies. It includes only products / services. I’m thinking of starting the same post about Bulgarian companies’ corporate activities in Facebook, but it’s a bit early for that.  

Here’s the list:

Bulgarian Brands on Facebook (by categories)

Food & Drink

– Kuma Lisa – Product page, Nestle local chocolate brand, fan-created, no additional info, no conversation, 3306 fans

Ariana Beer – Product page, fan-created, some additional info, not regularly updated, 113 fans

Kamenitza Beer – Product page – 1,989 fans; 10 fan groups, 600 members in total, Kamenitza me up! is the biggest group

Zagorka Beer – Product pages – 9,188 fans; 2 other smaller pages; 3 fan groups with less than 400 members.

Clothing, Footwear & Fashion




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